We know that every company and role is unique. Recruiting your next hire is not just about finding someone with a set of skills or a piece of paper. It’s about finding you someone with the right fit – and it’s what we do best.

Why Work With Us?

As one of India’s leading recruitment agencies, it is the quality of our candidates and our ability to tap into the passive talent market that sets us apart.

ASCOHR  is a dynamic, high-growth company. As the technical industry becomes more competitive, ASCO Consulting remains a cut above the rest because of experienced, hard-working and friendly people that exceed Client expectations every day. Our commitment to quality services and support continues to propel our growth and success.

ASCOHR  is a premier provider of motivated and highly trained consultants and professional personnel who have the unique skills and expertise necessary to help our Clients meet their business goals in a cost effective manner. As a company, we’ve developed and enforce a Code of Ethics. This code is designed to clarify and solidify the expectations and standards the company sets for its employees. It is our goal to hire only the best qualified people for employment opportunities available whether locally, nationally or globally.

ASCOHR  selects employees based on their skill set, professional experience and “fit” for the assignment. This evaluation includes a review of educational background, work history, work ethics, personal and communication styles, interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team, depending upon the assignment. Using unique technology, candidates are matched with the job most suited to their interests and qualifications.

Even in difficult times, opportunities for challenging and satisfying employment exist. We continually invite qualified candidates to submit up-to-date resumes for consideration as new opportunities occur. A variety of excellent job opportunities exist – one may be right for you. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the fast growing Absolute Consulting team, then click here to submit your resume.

ASCOHR  is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


As your recruitment partner we are here to help guide you through the hiring process. Our resource center is designed to make your job easier with webinars, tips, how-to guides and lots more.