Sourcing experts that are externally focused with regards to client and candidate.

Experience of the current market – in & out!

Expertise in new business trend.

Well-researched candidates with domain expertise.

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You already know that every new employee will have an impression on the reputation and the growth rate of your business, good or bad; so that we also understand that your employees are the base of your business on which your business is being planned .So the selection of new employees is one of the your most important tasks, what your management have to face. As every new employee brings come up with their own ideology own style, ideas, values, skills, personality and experience in order to run your business affairs as well as leave new impact on you, both internally and externally.

We at ASCOHR believe in that, and we know just how crucial it is to find smart people who will not just do the job well, but excel at it every time. The most valuable asset of any company or organization is its manpower and no one understands this better than us.

ASCOHR offers wide-ranging recruitment solutions catering to the growing requirements of a range of industries and services. As one of the premier job consultants of new delhi , we have the experience and acumen to select the very best talent for our esteemed clients. We are known for our professional & trustworthy recruitment consulting services. Our team of young, talented and dedicated professionals is the driving force behind our success.

Our team of experts delivers timely and ideal recruitment solutions to help companies achieve their goals of success and growth. We help companies streamline and enhance their hiring process and we are committed to find the right talent for them every time.

How we work?

“To Understand one’s behaviour is the key to Effective and impressive”

Which could help in building your competitive advantage and in order to avoid the costs of hiring the worst person which all begins with new partnership. These all partnerships make understand with better vision, business objectives goals and culture, Therefore it is enabling us to recruit good/ Best performers who can make the immediate and best contribution to the new employee. For Recuritment solution TQM approach should always keep in mind ,we have to read out about the commitments which we made to you client.

Our growing clientele is a statement of our commitment and success. Their growth and success is our pride and joy.

Our team of interviewer includes, Banking experts, management expert Engineers etc . Being a reputed and reliable supplier in Recruitment industry, we deal with, engineering jobs, oil & gas industry, education, packaging jobs, real estate jobs, infrastructure, Chemical,Textile, Infrastructure , Transmission & Distribution & health care industry.

Therefore we always try to apply the Principles of TQM principles for recruitment process on your behalf, it is like…

Comprehensively Identify their should be 3 required competencies of new employee that is Skills, Behaviours and Experience.

Access and Source from various modes like portals ,Reference and appropriate wide candidate pool.

Objectively Select from the wide candidate portals as well as from various other sources.

Pre Qualify for experience ,Skill, Behaviour ,reasoning ability,Style and Trainability.

Provide and Inform by which you can work out at low risk, well diagnosed profile in the minimum time framed.